Mar 14


Mar 04

Deanna Sketchbook stuff

Feb 24

Cover for Edward Lee novel WHITE TRASH GOTHIC (Special Edition)

Jan 29

Cover for Cinema Sewer magazine.

Jan 26

Mask of the FILTHY DEMON

Jan 25

Deanna dating profile.

Jan 23

Deanna Sketch for an Overseas order

Jan 21

Deanna Sketchcover.

Jan 18

Its all fun and games till you get rope burn…

Jan 17

International Orders!

I currently dont have an overseas option for postage- its so insanely expensive I hate even offering it. However I KNOW some of you guys love Deanna- so if you are outside the US and really NEED TO HAVE your Deanna comic please contact me- on facebook or email and I will set you up with a package. To ease the pain of the extra cost- it’s like $22 just in shipping- I will do an original sketch personalized to you for the trouble-


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