Interview with Deanna Carter


Q: So Deanna…first of all thank you for letting us intrude on you here at your home. Its so nice to finally meet you.

D: You’re welcome! Its my pleasure!

Q: So give us a little background. How did this whole thing get started?

D: Oh you mean with the stories? Well I was telling stories to the Dead. They found me messing around in this graveyard and made this huge deal out of sacrificing me to this dumb God. I think they were just making that up as an excuse to kill me or whatever. So anyway they were all serious about torturing me and i was practically naked and really scared….so I started telling them stories.


Q: And this saved your life?

D: Well, I didn’t know. I just thought they would want to hear about perverted stuff so I started telling them about how I went under the earth and had weird sex and got tied up by monsters and etc etc..and they LOVED it. So then I was like, If you want to hear the rest you’ll have to let me go home now and I promise ill come back and finish it….and I did!. I don’t know if they were surprised or what but when i came back there was a lot more of them.


Q: You willingly returned to the graveyard?

D: Yeah. I thought at that point it was really cool plus I didn’t want them trying to come find me or anything. so I came back the next night and told them more stuff but left the best part out so i could continue the next night. Like if they wanted to hear the BEST part they would have to wait till tomorrow and not kill me.  And then I just kept doing that.

Q: How long did this go on?

D: Ummm…I think it was around three years. Over a thousand nights. Not every night of course, so ya like three years.

Q: And you just made all of these stories up?

D: Yeah. Some of it was based on stuff thats happened to me , like some guys I’ve met. And one of my girlfriends who I was super close to turned out to be transsexual …or transgender or whatever and had this big “thing” down there that I never knew about and totally shocked me. So she ended up being Beatrice in the stories. And Simon Oteg is based on my boss who at the time I hated. ..but he’s actually an ok guy.


Q: So how did you get the idea to make it into a comic book story?

D: Well so heres the thing. I would always write my ideas down before I would go to the graveyard. So I had all this stuff prepared and I would basically just go out and perform it. Like make a show out of it and really get into it.  And they loved me! They would wait all day and I would just show up in my sexy outfits and strip for them and tell them these stories. So anyway…I had all this stuff written down and I thought about making it into a book but then I thought How cool would that be to make it into a comic? and my friend knew this guy William who’s really good at drawing and so he agreed to make it into a comic.


Q: Now will the comic cover all of your stories?

D: Yes! I hope so anyway. We’ve done two issues now and it looks super sick!

Q: Now the Carnigor is inside the earth right?


D;Yes! The earth is actually hollow and I go inside it and get tied up and stuff and wear all these different outfits and have these crazy sexy  adventures. I was reading this stuff by Richard Shaver about how he went inside the earth and there were all these civilizations and weird creatures and Shaver was saying that thisREALLY HAPPENED and he actually went there in real life. So my idea was What if i went into the earth like that only these creatures were really crazy about me because I’m this human girl and they all want sex and I’m trying to stop the evil underworld from invading our world on the surface. Like I meet Beatrice and we end up having this crazy romance. Totally hot! That part kind of did happen in real life but not to that extent.

Q: So how did it all end? Telling the stories to the Dead?

D: Well I don’t want to give too much away…but basically they made me their Queen! With my own throne and everything. The King of the Dead- his name is Alex- is really sweet too. He’s madly in love with me!. I still see him sometimes.


Q: And what about the “real” Deanna Carter? What are you doing with yourself outside of all these crazy stories?

D: Well lets see….Im really into Wiccan stuff. I love animals and cooking. I have cats as you can see…haha. I would say herbal cooking mainly. And practicing spells for fun.

Q: So you’re a witch?

D: Not really. I haven’t gotten any spells to work so I’m not sure about that part of it. My love spells DEFINITELY didn’t work! haha.

Q: Are you seeing anyone?

D: Well, I was dating this guy from my tantric workshop but that just got too weird. And there was the thing with my friend with the penis but i think she likes men now or something and I haven’t seen her in a while. Plus I’m getting up there! Ill be thirty five this month and it seems like most men want super young girls in their twenties or whatever. so…for now its just me and my cats!

Q: Well thank you so much for your time Deanna. You are truly a special woman and a gifted storyteller. I wish you all the success you deserve!

D; Thank you so much! Its been wonderful chatting with you. Blessed Be!