Oct 21

Carnopolis #3 Reanimated. Coming soon.


    • Jimmy Cole on November 15, 2017 at 7:03 am
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    How much is a copy of Carnopolis #3? I already have D.O.T.D. #1 &#2 COMING TO ME FROM KICKSTARTER. AND WHAT ABOUT A REPRINT OF ISSUES #1&#2 OF CARNOPOLIS?

    1. Hey Jimmy Carnopolis #3 will probably the same price- 9.99$. Which is a good deal because itll be about 64 pages super nice pages…etc. Carnopolis #1 and #2 are harder to get- although I will have some of those available at the higher pledge levels when I do the Kickstarter. Unfortunately I do not own the reproduction rights to the earlier issue so those so those are permenentaly out of print.

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